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Google Workspace Price

When selecting your Google Workspace plan, it is advisable to consider the current Google Workspace plan pricing, functionality needs, and anticipated growth.

Start-ups often choose lower tiers initially before upgrading as more capabilities become helpful. Google Workspace plans to scale from freelancers to Fortune 500 companies, with a Google Workspace plan price range spanning $6 to $18 or more per user each month.


But what is the ideal Google Workspace plan for your company? By digging into the details of each plan, you can determine the right fit based on budget, current functionality requirements, and future growth goals. Let's analyze critical considerations for the core packages:

Google Workspace Business Starter

Ideal For: It is perfect for small businesses, start-ups, or those testing the waters with professional collaboration tools at an affordable entry point.


This plan offers professional email addresses, basic security features, and 30 GB of storage per user, making it a perfect entry point for start-ups.

Google Workspace Business Standard

Ideal For: Mid-sized businesses requiring advanced collaboration tools.


This plan has 2 TB of storage per user, video meetings, and real-time document collaboration; this plan scales seamlessly to meet the demands of a developing enterprise.

Google Workspace Business Plus

Ideal For: Established businesses prioritizing top-tier security and compliance.


It has 5 TB of storage per user, advanced endpoint management, and enterprise-grade security features.


The good news is that you can depend on your Google Workspace pricing plan as your business evolves. So start small if needed, focusing on your most pressing needs. Then, reassess in 6 to 12 months as growth opens up new functionality requirements.

Google Workspace Price

Grow and run your business more efficiently

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Google Workspace Enterprise Standard & Plus Plans

Enterprise Standard

Everything from Business Standard

Core Services:

Google Vault for eDiscovery & information governance

Usage and Support :

Unlimited Storage

Security and data protection: 

Set session length for Google Services,

Data loss prevention (DLP), Control access based on user and device context, Cloud Identity Premium

Report and Audit logs:

Export reports to BigQuery

3rd-party app integration: 

Secure LDAP: Connect LDAP-based apps 

and services, Manage access to password vaulted apps

Device Management: 

Company owned iOS devices, Windows Device 

 management, iOS data protection, Remote device wipe (Windows), Mobile device certificates, Management rules

Enterprise endpoint management:  

 Windows Device management, iOS data protection, Remote device wipe (Windows), Mobile device certificates, Management rules

Company owned iOS devices, 

Email security and compliance: 

Optional character recognition

 (OCR), Gmail log search in BigQuery, Gmail integration with a 3rd-party archiving solution

Google Drive and Docs editors:

 Organizational branding (custom templates)

Drive data loss prevention (DLP),

Google Meet: 

250 participants per meeting, 10k of In-domain live

 streaming (maximum number viewers), Breakout rooms, Track attendance

Group / Groups for Business: 

Dynamic groups (manage membership 

 automatically), View members of nested groups (indirect members)

Google Calendar: 

Set a default duration for events, Automatically free 

unused meeting rooms

Enterprise Plus

Everything from Business Plus & Enterprise Standard

Usage and Support :

Unlimited Storage

Security and data protection: 

Choose a location (data region) for your

 data, Security center: Security dashboard, Security Investigation tool, Security health page

Report and Audit logs:

Access Transparency logs of admin activity, Work 

Insights reports for users

Enterprise endpoint management: 

Company owned iOS devices, 

 Windows Device management, iOS data protection, Remote device wipe (Windows), Mobile device certificates, Management rules

Email security and compliance: 

S/MIME encryption for email, 

Malware detection in email attachments (Security sandbox)

Google Meet:

250 participants per meeting, 100k of In-domain live 

streaming (maximum number viewers), Noise cancellation

How Google Workspace Helps Your Business?

Work from Anywhere, Any Device

Facilitate real-time collaboration on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, allowing your team to be productive on any device, anywhere.

Effortless Communication

Employs Gmail for secure and professional communication, enhancing collaboration through real-time editing with Google Docs and seamless file sharing via Google Drive.

Centralized File Management

Allows you to store, organize, and access files securely. Enjoy the convenience of a centralized hub for all your working documents, boosting efficiency across your organization.

High Performance, Greater Productivity

Streamline file management, attachments, and communication to embrace a more competent workflow that enhances productivity.

Canned Responses for Cost-Effective Solutions

Create profitable Software as a Service (SaaS) proposals with pay-per-use pricing, scalability, and automatic updates, and enjoy a cost-effective and hassle-free solution tailored to your business needs.

Business-Grade Security Controls

Google Workspace provides business-grade security, offering protection for your valuable data.

Choose the Best Google Workspace Plan for You

Google Workspace offers three main packages, providing solutions for teams of all sizes. Options range from Business Starter to Business Plus, with Google Workspace pricing starting at $6 per user/month.


However, choosing the best value plan for your needs with many Google Workspace pricing variables can seem complicated. So, we recommend looking at the offerings of each package when deciding on the best Google Workspace price for your organization.


Let’s break down the core offerings at a high level:

Business Starter

The Business Starter plan offers an affordable entry point at $6 per user/month with 30GB of secure cloud storage per user.


The positives? This Google Workspace price provides core communication and collaboration tools like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet. However, on the contrary, it needs advanced features bigger businesses rely on later. But, start-ups and small businesses can still collaborate effectively.

Business Standard

This mid-tier option features robust functionality for rapidly evolving SMBs, priced at a still-reasonable $12 per user/month.

The main upgrades over starter packages center on removing storage caps, enabling 5TB+ file transfers, and providing essential audit log tracking for company data access and admin changes.


As teams grow and require enhanced security, transparency, and unlimited drive storage, Business Standard fits perfectly.

Business Plus

On the high-end, Business Plus caters to expansive, full-featured needs priced at $18 per user/month. This plan adds advanced video meeting capabilities with larger 250-participant calls and live streaming up to 100,000 viewers within your domain.


Business Plus uses advanced security tools like two-factor authentication and endpoint management controls for company-wide policies, seizures, or wipes. So, for sprawling enterprises, unlimited everything makes the extra Google Workspace price worthwhile.


Now that you know the Google packages plan, you must also learn the factors you must consider before buying.


So, here are the four key factors to consider when deciding on the best Google Workspace price for your organization.

Google Wordspace Price Considerations Before Buying

1. Number of Users

Google Workspace is charged on a per-user basis. So, it's a must to consider how many employees need access to tools like Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar. Entry-level plans allow up to 300 users.

2. Storage Space

Each plan includes different Drive cloud storage limits per user - from 30GB (Business Starter) to unlimited storage (Business Plus). Your organization should first assess how much storage your company requires.

3. Advanced Features

Higher-tier Google Workspace plans to unlock more advanced admin controls, audit logs, custom email addresses, larger file attachments, advanced Hangouts Meet video conferencing capabilities, and more. It's advisable to decide what extra features are helpful for your company.

4. Price Per User

Google Workspace pricing varies significantly depending on the plan. It's vital to balance features against your budget constraints. Remember, you can start small and upgrade later as your business grows.


Evaluating these four aspects will help you select your organization's most suitable and reasonably priced Google Workspace package. Reach out if you need any advice!

Frequently Asked Questions About Google Workspace Price and Plan

As a trusted Google Workspace partner, our clients often ask us questions about navigating Google Workspace prices to find the right plan. Here are answers to some of the FAQs we receive:

How do you determine the best Google Workspace price for our needs?

First, look at how many users are there to calculate the total cost. Next, assess storage needs based on company data usage and growth projections since different Google Workspace price plans include varying storage limits per user. Finally, map advanced functionality is provided in higher tiers against current and future security, analytics, and collaboration requirements.

Is Google Workspace price paid monthly or yearly?

Google Workspace follows monthly billing cycles. However, modest discounts apply for annual billing versus monthly Google Workspace prices. Many clients opt for yearly subscriptions when confident of a plan fit.

Is Google Workspace secure for my business files?

Absolutely. Security is essential at Sancro. Google Workspace employs business-grade security controls and configurations to ensure the safety of your files. SSL certificates further guarantee the integrity of your business data, providing a secure and reliable platform.

What drives the cost differences between low and high Google Workspace pricing?

Factors like storage allotments and advanced video conferencing, security, and analytics capabilities account for much of the Google Workspace price differences between tiers. Typically, starter plans cater more to basic business needs, while enterprise-geared packages support complex deployments.

Can we change our Google Workspace price and plan if needed?

You can switch between the differently priced Google Workspace packages anytime as business needs evolve. Many clients start small with Storage Starter or Business Standard before migrating upward later. We can advise on timing and triggers for upgrading plans down the road.

Can I use Google Workspace for remote work?

Yes, indeed. One of the key benefits of Google Workspace is its flexibility. It will enable your team to work from anywhere, fostering collaboration on real-time documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

How can Google Drive boost my business productivity?

Google Drive streamlines file management, attachments, and communication, boosting productivity. Sancro integrates Google Drive seamlessly into your workflow, providing an intelligent solution for collaboration, organization, and efficient document handling.

Can Sancro assist with implementing Google Workspace for my business?

Certainly, Sancro is your trusted IT solutions partner in Singapore. Our expert team will help you understand the nuances of Google Workspace and assist in a smooth implementation tailored to your business needs. For more information about Google Workspace prices or to inquire about our services, contact us at 6980 8563 today. We're here to transform your business with innovative IT solutions.

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